I’m Offering Free Tarot Readings! (Updated)

Please be sure to read over these notes and guidelines, as they act as my rules for the readings being offered. These are as well my general information for how my readings are set up and will be given.

General Notes:

  • These readings are offered for Free.
  • Anonymous asks will be always answered publicly.
  • These readings are ALWAYS open. – Send in your request at any time.
  • I answer my asks/reading requests in the order they are received.

The following rules apply:

  • The Limit is one question, per ask.
  • Yes, this means I will only answer one question at a time.
  • You can send in more then one ask.
  • If you want your ask replied to in private, you MUST say so when sending in your question for the reading.
  • If your ask is not noted as private when you ask, it will be answered publicly.
  • You must have a question to ask when you send in your request for a reading.
  • Only requests sent in as an ASK – will be given a tarot reading.
  • I will NOT accept reading requests via DM. (Personal / Direct messages)
  • Please don’t send in your birth sign/sun sign, etc in your ask.
  • Include your preferred pronouns (and those of any of anyone else you’re asking about) in your ask when you send it in.

Questions I will NOT answer:

  • Those requiring medical knowledge or inquiring about legal advice.
  • Any questions I consider inappropriate (ie. just generally those – not safe for work or sexually based.)
  • No future spouse / future relationship questions (I only do readings on current relationships, not limited to romantic!)


  • Please, give me feedback after you have your tarot reading if you are able or comfortable. (This is NOT required, however.)
  • Once you receive a tarot reading – it will be considered answered.
  • Follow-up questions are allowed.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to do a tarot reading if you’re rude or don’t follow my rules.

Just a gentle reminder of how my free tarot readings are set up. And, they are always open! Just bear in mind I do the readings in chunks and try to answer them at least once a week.

I also try to answer them in the order they are received. So that means oldest to newest.

All I ask for in return is feedback! However, this is not required.

If you enjoy your reading, consider leaving a tip.

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