Hello, I hope you are having a good day! Can I ask how WG feels? I think he has been under a lot of work, or very busy and has been absent for almost two weeks. I hope it’s work, because I’m afraid it’s something more worrying.

Card drawn – 2 of Pentacles (position – upright)

Withdrawn to focus – and to work on their work and needs. Undecided whether it’s new to the thing or situation added on – but it’s definitely up in the air. It’s kind of a mixed bag between being busy because of work and being busy to distract and absent – on purpose to distract themselves from the stress. They are guarded and focused. Might need to be less worried and more just let them work it out. I don’t get the impression you need to be worried, but rather trust them to sort things out and ask for help if needed.

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