Hi, how are you?Thank you for taking your time and energy doing these readings!I’m Ana, 28, Scorpio sun, sag rising, aquarius moon.Did I do the right thing by ending my relationship with F(sag sun, leo rising, capricorn moon)?We love each other but it wasn’t working out, we tried so much but never manage to make it work(we were together for 6 years) , i’m heartbroken and I know he is to and it’s devastating

Card drawn – King of Wands (position – reversed)

Short answer – Yes. It’s not something to be ashamed of, or guilty of, you both were at the point where it wasn’t working and it was time to let go of something that just didn’t click. Upside down and twisted, but also the heartbreak is valid, and yes you’re right to be able to feel, but let it out and flow, and then let it go, peacefully.

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