Heyy! Happy to know that you’re doing well :) I had a follow up question if you do those, if not just ignore this, I asked about the acting and you said now is not the right time, my question is if there would ever come a right time? Like I wouldn’t go on putting all my energy to it and I’ll focus more on my actual college degree but just asking, would a right time ever come? It’s NS, she/her. Loads of love and good vibes your way and thank you so much for your response :)

Card Drawn – Justice (position – upright)

the reading:

Short answer – Yes.

It would in time, if you wish to pursue it later. However, now is not a good time to do so. It’s also asking you to not be distracted in this time and rather, hold on to it – and put it aside for now so you can focus on the current matters at hand.

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