Hi. Thank you for the free reading. I wanted to know if k will come into my life at someone point, and if things will head into a romantic direction? And if itโ€™s yes, what the relationship could be like? Thank you love ๐Ÿ’—

I will be answering this one in part – namely on whether they will come into your life at some point. I will be declining to do a reading on if it heads into a romantic direction/what the relationship would be like, as that falls under my no future partner/spouse readings rule.

The card drawn: Justice – (position – upright)

The reading:

short answer – yes.

There’s two ways this could go, at minimum. Try not to be overly too clingy, or let yourself feel entitled this card warns. It may make K defensive or even yourself, if you felt like you were owed attention or the right to be in their life, or have them in yours.

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