Hi! Hope you’re doing great. May I have a free reading?Are B and I gonna close the distance between us? Am I gonna meet with him?-NThank you sm!

I’m alright, doing better now that I was able to get some sleep!

Cards drawn:

  • 2 of Swords (position – upright)
  • 8 of Cups (position – upright)

The reading:

Short answer – Undecided; as to whether you will close the distance between you both. The better question to ask yourself, is why are you hesitating to try? Both of you need to be willing to take the steps and make the effort, so having an open and honest, if blunt, conversation on this would be helpful.

No, you’re not likely to meet with him until both of your doubts and insecurities are dealt with and confronted, as well as worked out. It’s the lack of patience and the questioning of things that were considered resolved, that are causing problems at the moment. Stop beating the things already ended, or considered, so, if you ever hope to go forward. Now is not the time for grudges.

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