Hello! Hope you’re having a nice day :) I’m here for a reading. I know in your rules you say I must ask a question, but I’m pretty unsure on what to ask specifically. Theres this girl I knew from high school that recently started talking to me again and she’s obviously into me. I do kinda like her but I’m really nervous and hesitant about moving things forwards with her. Anything the cards have to say to help me? An advice, or maybe an insight on what her expectations are, or just what is gonna happen with her in the future? I leave it up to you, hope it’s not too much to ask :(

It’s not too much to ask, let’s see what the cards have to say!

card drawn: Ace of Wands – (position – upright)

the reading:

A Creative spark – encouragement to give it a try with moving things forward if you are interested. encouragement to not be so nervous, and just let things happen as they will, without discouraging yourself before they even are attempted. Asking you to be sincere with your emotions before doing so, as a word of warning. The attempt, if asked, or desired, needs to come from a genuine place of interest on your part, so as not to hurt either of you in the long run.

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