Describe your witchcraft aesthetic with 3 sentences.

Small containers of rice and alcohol left sitting around.

Wandering around with one pocket full of peanuts, one pocket full of feathers, and one hand full of birch switches.

Whispering secrets to the garden and hoping the neighbors don’t hear.

Candles and bonfires galore because we like domesticated arson around here.

Having a stockpile of yarn and thread, leading people to wonder if she’s a hoarder or if she actually uses it all (the answer is both).

Cinnamon brooms of various sizes hung in each room, for both the looks and to keep the haints away.

Fighting other entities with nothing but Febreeze spray and gumption works.

Why is everything on fire?

Based on the amount of crystals I hoard, you’d think I was a dragon.

Hoards of handwritten and typed out, then printed notes, grimoires, and books – scattered among stickers and drawings and actual books, bought for reference and review. all stacked in piles that only make sense to the one who uses them.

A collection of crystals kept in specific places, lovingly placed and chosen with care, along with hand carved items and other altar pieces bought with a lot of thought and effort. lots of protective and calming vibes among others.

The energy of a room, thick with the scents of incense and candles, and herbs, used with cooking and tinctures, along with teas and drinks. Homey feels and offerings to boot.

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