Wand Rundown: How to Use, Care for, and Pick a Wand


for @gingernurcloset

from WitchesLore.com

How to Energize Your Wand

First wash your hands, light incense and light a rose candle, run
your left hand over your right hand, then your right hand over your
left, keep doing this until you feel the energy building in your hands.
Next pick up your wand in the hand you use for writing, close your eyes
and imagine a stream of silver white light coming from the universe and
entering the top of your head imagine it beaming down and coursing along
your arm into your hand out from your fingertips and going into your
wand you will literally feel the energy flowing as you charge your wand
with power. Make sure when you perform the wand energising ceremony,
there is incense and a lit candle, you can also use some oil essence to
create the appropriate atmosphere.

How to Charge Your Wand

The wand works especially well for healing and enchanting, also for
spell casting, the wand will unblock blocked energy and witches use it
to heal and align themselves,  they usually do this by touching the tip
of the wand to their third eye and imagining silver light beaming
through their body and clearing any areas where energy is blocked. The
wand works on the physical, mental and emotional well being.

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