Some Various Types of Rituals You may Come Across

The Opening/Closing Frame:
– Opening rites (cleansing, calling the quarters, casting the circle)
– Closing rites (cakes and ale, closing/dismissing the quarters, taking down the circle)
Leave room in the middle for adding whatever magical work needs to be done.

The Sabbats:
Sabbat rituals form from the Wiccan Wheel of the Year and articulate how we relate to the earth’s annual cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Our sabbats are our “High Holy Days,” so to speak.

In addition to performing Sabbat ceremonies, a lot of covens also meet under the light of the full moon. These Lunar ceremonies are known as Esbats.

A dedication ritual is a rite between an individual witch and their deity/deities. It is a way to commit yourself to the craft. Many people dedicate themselves to witchcraft before becoming an initiate in a coven or tradition.

Initiations / Elevations:
Not every coven has an initiation ritual or a degree system , but if yours does, it’s an important addition to note of. Any coven can craft these sorts of rites.

A “Wiccaning” is a ceremony in which a deity (or deities) are asked to bless and look over a newborn.

A “Handfasting” is a witch wedding ceremony. – Note that couples that break up may ask for a “Hand parting” ceremony to release them from their earlier vows.

Crossing Over:
tw: death mention A lot of witches believe that when we die, we reincarnate, but before doing so, we “Cross Over”, into the next plane of existence, where we wait for rebirth. A well – crafted “Crossing Over “ ceremony offers hope and comfort to those who have lost a loved one, and helps the deceased let go of this world, and begin their next journey.

Solitary Rituals:
Rituals done alone are still rituals. Many of them are just as powerful as, rituals done with the coven.

Pagan Rituals:
These aren’t all that witchy at times, but are still important. They tie in to the beliefs of Paganism, and can vary by tradition.

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