“Do Your Research”

When getting started with witchcraft, you’ve either likely been told this one or twice, or will be hearing this given time – that you should “Do Your Research.” But what do us more experienced witches actually mean by saying this?

– Resources such as those given or shared, regardless whether of good intention or bad, should be researched further.

– When learning something new , consider the source of the information. Tiktok, Youtube, videos, audio such as on podcasts or radios,  or posts on blogs, discord, and websites, etc.

– What this means by consider the source is – learn to think critically. For example, would you rather learn a new recipe from a chef who’s been making it well and for years, who’s food tastes amazing? Or would you rather from a chef who’s never even heard of it until today, who’s food always taste awful anytime they try for the first time? I’m going to guess the first.

– When learning about the history of witchcraft, for example, learn from actual historical sources, not just those who think they remember something. Learn about plants and herbs from not just fellow witches, but those with practical experience with the plants themselves, such as field guides, experts, etc. And so on.

I love that witches want to share their information and experiences with other witches, however, don’t let just other witches be your only source of information on witchcraft. Or rather, certain aspects of witchcraft.

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