If someone is kind enough to be explaining why something is appropriation to you, do both of yourselves a favor and listen to them on the why and how first. Let it sink in.

 It’s not against you, personally. More often then not. And even if it is, their overlooking your ignorance of not knowing, to educate you – on the matter, so you can make informed decisions on it going forward. On whether to continue to support it.

Think of this way. If someone were to try to very poorly explain a personal subject or story of yours to someone else, to tell that very emotionally charged , maddening or saddening, and intimate thing to another and act like that’s okay , even though it is inaccurate in their telling, and no need to be private about , would you want them to stop? Chances are yes, you would. Heck you might even tell them they should stop or have asked permission, even let you tell it yourself.

Similar concept here, with appropriation. Them reclaiming their cultures, of things, that were never others’ right to share to begin with, is their right to do so. Because, preventing further appropriation, it’s not about gatekeeping, it’s protecting what is theirs from further misinformation being spread about it, from the ones who know the actual truth of the matter.

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