It’s okay to exist

I’ve learned that I am an anxious and depressed person, over the years. 

Please practice or learn to be open to other folks, to your trusted folks, about what’s going on with you. Your miserable the most when you’re feeling alone in it all, and, just reaching out, is a good step to breaking the silence you feel like you’re drowning in.

Yeah, it sucks to feel all that pressure.

Pressure from others, when their toxic and talk down to you, like you’re being scolded like a child, when really you just need a break from them, when you want to escape them just to be able to hear your own thoughts and sort out your own feelings.

– pressure from what you want to be but feel you aren’t, or can’t be , because the negative thoughts are welling up from all the unresolved and bottled up feelings, that have no where to go. the ones that make you tear down yourself from the inside out and doubt everyone, including yourself. You do not need to be taking it all on your own.

You can spite the negativity.


You’ll ask yourself. You’ll ask anyone.

Sometimes you need to counter the negativity, by asking not of yourself or what is going wrong – but asking the negative thing that is truly at the core of what is bothering you, asking the feeling, asking the thoughts making the feeling. – and asking what am I fighting you for? Why I view you as a negative thing? Why do I feel guilty for feeling when I am feeling? When it is that bad or isn’t that bad? You have a right to your feelings. You’re feelings don’t have to be right or wrong, to be simply felt. You are allowed to exist in the moment and simply be, without all the expectations that we feed the negativity with.

You take care of every one but yourself with at least that amount of kindness. Time to extend the same to you, as a person. You can learn to like yourself again, by giving yourself permission to exist. To be okay to exist in the first step. Then you can keep adding small other steps and build from there, until you’re who you want to be.

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