Beings of Legend – Part 1 – Opening

In a world where the readings of the Tall, in this case the taro part are absolute angels and demons fight based on the two Witches that guide them. Both are sisters on the opposite sides. They read the cards and show the openings of each other but do not see the end.

As the fight continues the people of the ground begin to feel their powers and manifest into beings of legend – Minotaur, shape-shifters, and others.

Begging them to stop didn’t help and siding with one side did not end. so they have no choice but to scatter. Meanwhile the sisters predict one part of their ever readings. If they stop fighting the chaos will appear.

Chaos takes form when peace becomes born. Unable to see more they both send messengers to seek out powers in many forms. The holy tree of Seraph being the strongest for light and the Coiled tree of Nivelhiem being the strongest for dark. Neither know that both are a split of the other.

Opposite as day and light but the same. The trees themselves were created through aliens harnessing mana and creating homes for themselves. Those aliens passed away leaving the tree left. It is slowly hurting the world however due to absorbing the energy of the war between the angels and demons and the only cure is to send it to space where it can grow in peace.

No one has been able to find peace however the sisters missed something in their last readings. The Knight of Wands and the your character or i could go Page of Pentacles

The story follows one so far. Kvati or Vat of the Likwai tribe of people.

Known for their mastery of the elements but also their dangerous potential. Not many are seen. His tribe are starting to fall under the War Plague, a plague that turns them into monsters due to the angels and demons fighting.

Their easily effected and cannot stay long in battle grounds due to their powerful control of mana.

Kvati wants to save his grandmother who is slowly succumbing to the War Plague. She is the eldest of the elders in the tribe and the leader as well after his grandfather died from succumbing to the plague and becoming Orobus, the snake god.

Learning of the tale of the angels and demons and their need for more power he ventures to the sky=lands to talk to both sides and tricks them into thinking he would gain the power they need to end their fights against another. In reality he will use that power to save his grandmother.

Knowing he needs blessing to pass in their lands and not be effected by the wars. he ask for both from both sides.

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