Our cat is a coward. Lol.

Our cat is a coward. lol

The pest guy came by to spray for the month to prevent pests, in our apartment, and like, it’s the guy who has 3 cats of our own – and what does our dumb cat do? – He lays on the bed, and let’s the guy hold out his hand to him and sniffs it even, but hisses at him the minute the guy starts spraying the wall edges. lol – like cat, he’s not even near you. you’re fine you dumb coward. – and he like is just nervous around new people, but even the guy was saying it’s fine, he’s just scared. but like you can’t be hissy just because you’re meeting new people. it was funny though, soon as the guy goes to leave, the cat came out and was like wanting pets and the guy’s just like, i see how it is and laughed.

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