Questions on Working with Dragons

Been thinking of how to answer this – [ Do you feel that there is really a downside to working with dragons?]  – Thanks! @Demetres |Clown car collective🎪 for asking.

probably the biggest downside is you have to be serious about the commitment to work with them. Most dragons I know of that others work with and those I work with personally will explain that they expect you to be diligent with your studies with them. A lot of folks go into it thinking it’s not going to be a serious study and it’s not like that.

Yes, you can joke around and be casual, but when they commit to being your teacher, you need to be able to set aside time to work on your studies with them. Whether it’s them helping you with aspects of your path or just working on yourself as  a person. Some folks don’t take the mentoring some dragons offer as a true commitment/serious offer, and as a result, can be sort of end having angered the spirits of the entities who offered or on a sort of watch with that dragon to err on caution for others.

– They also have very intense energies, so can be intimidating if you’re not used to it but can pick up on energies. None of these are true downsides, but just things to keep in mind. They also will really challenge your personal bias on things – and how you perceive both entities and people.

[ And have you ever had any big issues with them fighting with others that you work with? ] , also asked.

Just to note, not all dragons get along with the other dragons. Or even other spirits. Two of the dragons I work with don’t get along in the slightest and one strongly dislikes the other. – But they have enough respect for me and each other to respect boundaries and work with me at length , even with their preferences. All spirits, dragons included, have their own personal rules and preferences of whether they’d like to work with or not work with some certain spirits or not. I’ve not had too many big issues , but i know others who have. – There’s one dragon I work with who tolerates the fae/fair folk around but flat out refuses to be involved in work with the fae also being involved, just as an example.

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