to my husband

You’re the one who helps to motivate me as well, Alden, you’re not just my love, and my husband at heart, you’re also my best friend. You’re my closest person and you give the drive to do better, to be better. I love you so much and these past 12 years and our current time together are times I wouldn’t trade or give up for anyone or anything. You’re my reason to be who I like to be, and why I can smile, despite anything. If anything, just know you’ll always be important and I’ll always be there for you too. I want to be more free and see you do the same. But i also want you to do things on your terms, when you’re ready, and I can always be patient, even if i;m impatient to see your dreams come true. You know I love seeing you passionate and happy, and regardless, I just like seeing you laugh and smile. and even on our rough days, i just want you to be able to make it through. Teres avhu, hun,

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