Mental Health

Mental Health is a kinder umbrella term for the issues and disabilities both that the services that work with have coined, since. I still both remember and know folks who don’t refer to either the needs or the services that serve those with the needs by anything half so nice.

It’s not talked enough about. It’s joked too much about. It’s also dismissed like it ‘s supposed to be and should continue to be allowed to be, and it’s disgusting.

 We still have folks that still say outdated words, like retarded. Joke about being how emo, like depression is a thing that can be laughed away so simply rather than by hurting yourself further like it’s always only your fault. or that it’s their fault. Acting like it’s wrong to feel anything other than healthy or to show emotion, too much emotion, any emotion. How stupid are we to feel? How silly it is to get stuck like that? Can you imagine being stuck like that?

That’s half the thing. Unless you’re one of the ones going through it, you’re not going to be able to imagine it. You’re not going to know how we feel about it. and you certainly don’t have any right nor should you, have any say about what we choose to say about it. 

When you don’t have a disability, you have no right to assume you could possibly ever know or understand or even should pretend to understand how we feel, what we’re experiencing, what we are going through, what we want said about it and more.

You want to help? Okay. Start by having a conversation with us. Actually give a damn about what we tell you. Pay attention to what we tell you. And when in doubt, mind your own damn business, because no one who has a disability has a damn thing to prove to you about said disability. Of course, we’re upset. Of course, we might be exhausted. Because on top of everything else we deal with, we have to deal with ableist folks and folks who just don’t get their doing more harm then good, by not letting us speak for ourselves.

 You don’t represent us, if you aren’t among us. 

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