The Importance of Ritual Cleansing in Witchcraft

— Regardless of your chosen path, the importance of ritual cleansing may remain one thing up for debate. * note – with that in mind, this is based on my own experiences, research, and opinions “What is ritual cleansing?’

– it is also known as ritual purification.

It is defined as follows:

— Ritual purification is the purification ritual created and used by religion or a path, by which a person is considered to be free of uncleanliness, or outside energies, prior to the worship of a deity or when doing spirit work or performing witchcraft. Ritual purity is a state of ritual cleanliness and Ritual purification can also apply to objects or places.

How I define it:

It is essentially the process of purification in ritual, to cleanse one of uncleanliness, while also clearing out your energy to a balanced state, or else cleaning an area, object, place, or sef – of any outside forces or energies.

Reasons I feel it’s important to cleanse in some way:

  • – Over time, as we practice our path – regardless of religion or lack there of – we accumulate energies. This is even as we use or expel various energies as well, as we perform our work, rituals, or otherwise grow in our path.
  • – These gathered energies, in my experience, can cause a haze or fog over out intentions/results, with what we are trying to accomplish with our practice. This includes but is not limited to with spell work, spirit work, or doing readings, whether those for ourselves or for others.
  • – Regular cleansing is a good way to practice getting a feel for both energy work and to practice with not only your own energy, but that of what you came in contact with around home or in general.
  • – Cleansing can help clear the way for easier communication – both for readings and your path’s work.
  • – Cleansing yourself is a good way to get yourself in a clear mind set for ritual – to give yourself a sort of meditation time to get yourself ready for your work.
  • – It can also help clear the energy when something goes wrong and can be incorporated into protections.

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