Shining Light


 ‘ When Era rescues a dragon egg from being crushed, she is soon faced with a choice. – To hand it over to the very men who wish to destroy the nesting eggs or to face the wrath of the very grown dragons who have come to reclaim those who yet survive. – When she refuses both sides, she is then at the mercy of her now unwilling hosts, who gather the remaining eggs along with the human girl and flee into the seeming sanctuary of dragon territory during a time of war between both of their kinds. Only the tiny nestling, hatched of the egg she bears, a water dragon with a kind heart named Keir, and a mysterious fire dragon named Creed, stand between her and the fury of the dragons who harbor her. ‘

What this Project is: I wanted to bring this story to life as a comic in a visual novel style. So, I started this project to do just that.

You can track our project here on [ Shining Light ]

art by @tearoostowl

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