What to do if you are cursed

Don’t feed the fear. YOU are powerful enough to break this cycle. Know this. Believe it.

Cleanse your space and yourself THOROUGHLY. cleansing is the best means of exorcising negative entities and energies from your property and aura. Learn how to cleanse here. Floor washes and sweeps and asperging with holy water are also powerful ways to cleanse.

Following cleansing of your space and yourself with smoke, perform a spiritual cleansing or uncrossing bath.

Next, you’ll need to lay down a magical protective ward around your home and property. Learn how to lay a protective ward here.

After your protective ward, make a witch’s bottle, seal it, and bury it on your property. This traps any oncoming curses or negative juju thrown your way.
In addition, cleanse and charge a protective amulet to wear on your person while out and about.

If you have a relationship with any God/deity or your ancestors, evoke their protective energies around your house and yourself.

Know that the curse is broken and move on with your life. Forget about it! It’s done. You are safe and protected henceforth.       


that being said – you are most likely NOT being cursed or hexed. 

the idea that a curse was truly put on you or your family is HIGHLY unlikely! It’s not impossible, but it is incredibly rare. Most of the people who believe they are cursed simply don’t want to face the reality that bad things happen sometimes for no known reason. That IS life. It sucks to admit it and face the truth, but we’re not all cursed when illness and bad luck befall us. So rest easy. 99 times out of a hundred, a curse has not been put on you!

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