Respecting Feelings

You’re feelings are absolutely understandable and valid. In my experience , there’s folks who are going to be able to understand, because they have similar or near like experiences and those who strive to understand, who might not quite get it, but can appreciate how it feels to you , even if they don’t have any experiences like that. then there’s folks who just either don’t want to understand or see things so far in their own way that they can’t understand anything that goes against said way. –

Honestly, no matter what you’re experiencing, it comes down to respecting the feelings and the person going through it. Like if something else works for your brain, great, but it s not an end all do all for everyone and it shouldn’t be. we’re all individuals, unique in our ways, experiences , and needs.

if it helps, great. if not, as long as it’s not harming you or anyone else, just agree to disagree and move forward. that’ s honestly why i blocked the person. they were not willing to hear my side or come to that kind of respect the differences. and i think it’s a shame.

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